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Live Amidst nature

Feel and experience nature
in its fullest glory to
refresh yourself.

Heritage Home Stay

Experience the charm of Kerala heritage that have been preserved throughout the ages.

Family Friendly

The calm and comfortable environment will make your family feel at home.

Walton's Home Stay

The house by the side of the Road’ - Sam Walter Foss at Walton Hall is situated in the heritage zone of this historic village famed for its Chinese fishing nets, the Jew Synagogue and the Dutch Palace and home to the art and culture of Kerala. This relaxing and serene home stay is run by a Catholic family in a Centuries old Dutch building.

It is centrally located on Princes street - one of the earliest streets laid out in Fort Cochin, beside the many shops, the Cozy streets, cafe’s and restaurant’s which are convinctly located near by. In this family run home stay, we pride ourselves on a high standard of friendly cheerful service which cafers to the needs of the whole family.

  • Relaxing rooms
  • Quietude of the garden
  • Abundance of good books
  • Near
  • wifi @
  • Free
    break fast

  • Cooking
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The History of Fort Cochin

Fort cochin rose up from a fishing village into a flourishing European town between 1500 and 1520. It is difficult to find another town ruled by three successive European powers. From 1500-1663 the Portuguese dominated the rule, the Dutch from 1663-1795 and the British from 1795 - 1947. The Portuguese flag over the town for 163 years, the Dutch flag over the Dutch fort for 132 years and then the Union Jack flow over the town till 1947. So writes the historian K.L. Bernard in his book “The History of Fort Cochin”

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